• Toughened or toughened / laminated safety glass to conform with BS 6180 : 1999

  • Glass 15mm thick for most external and internal applications – loading 0.74kn/m2

  • Glass 19mm & 25mm thick for higher loadings.

  • 100 mm x 64mm aluminum shoe channel for bolting to steel or concrete with a unique wedge system for easy site fitting.

  • Choice of satin of mirror polished cladding over the aluminum shoe to provide a high quality finish.

  • If for any reason the glass needs to be taken out then this is made easy with a “wedge removal tool”.

  • No corrosion and long lasting finish.





  • Interior – 48.2 or 42.4mm x 2.77mm grade 304 stainless steel tube.

  • Exterior – 48.2mm x 2.77mm marine grade 316 stainless steel tube.

  • Machined top cap fittings.

  • 12mm diameter top pin connecting the post top to the handrail.

  • D – shaped glazing lugs.

  • Choice of side or top fixing for the posts.

  • Glass – 10mm toughened, clear with all edges polished and nominal radius corners.

  • Horizontal rod type infill is 12mm diameter allowing for 4no rods fitting to the side of the posts with machined fittings.

  • Handrails are capped at the ends.

  • Standard balustrade is designed to withstand a horizontal side loading of 0.74kn. However this can be increase up to 1.5kn for assembly areas etc.

We provide a design and installation service

  • All you need to do is supply a simple sketch showing your ground and first floor plan with your full stair height then we can give you a budget quotation followed by a site survey and firm price!
  • We will help you with friendly advice on design and liaise with your builder or architect.
  • We can offer a site fitting service if required.