Frameless Glass Balustrade are very popular design for external Balconies, Juliet panels and internal galleries as it offers a totally clear view especially with no handrail to block you eye view when seated. There are various methods of fixing Frameless glass and we would help advice on this depending on your specific need. If a handrail is required with can offer usually tubular stainless steel or wood but also just a small stainless steel capping on the top edge to protect the glass which minimizes the appearance.

Other uses are on staircases were it can replace your existing balustrades which may be out of fashion or on new stairs where it can be incorporated in the design. There are options for the type and size of the glass and it can be tinted or made opaque which is useful for privacy panels.

It is essential with this design that it fixes to a firm strong base and if the exterior may involve waterproofing, we advise that you contact us in advance so we can discuss this in detail prior to your building works being carried out.